“Torah Im Derech Eretz” 

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Phyllis Jowell Pre-Primary School caters for children from 18 months until six years old.  In each class there is a trained teacher and a teacher assistant, while the playgroup class (18 months to three years old) has a teacher and two assistants.

The preschool and grade R classes start at 8h15 and run up until 13h00. The playschool class’ day ends at 12h00.

We offer an aftercare program until 15h00, Monday to Thursday and 14:20pm on a Friday. The aftercare is run by the teacher assistants and is a structured educational program focusing on skills development as well as free play. During this time we also offer a variety of extra murals. 

Once a week each class has music enrichment and a sports lesson run by a music teacher and trained coach. 

Phyllis Jowell School aims to provide an environment that is safe, supportive and caring.  When children feel safe and supported they are able to develop their self-regulatory skills, as well as grow and learn at their own pace. By nurturing a child’s self-esteem we enable them to feel safe and motivated to explore, be inquisitive and be creative. 

The school offers an integrated Kodesh and Secular curriculum that is child centered and age appropriate. The curriculum is an inquiry based, emergent curriculum which focuses on process and skill development.  

We offer a play based approach where children are active participants in their learning and have hands on experiences. Play is the way that young children learn and experience the world. 

Phyllis Jowell is an inclusive school and we cater for children with a variety of developmental needs. The teaching staff and children are supported by an in-house social worker, educational counsellor, Occupational therapist and Speech Therapist.  

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