“Torah Im Derech Eretz” 

Torah Im Derech Eretz – Torah together with proper conduct in the way of the world

Our Preschool children are learning to socialize and live in a world of continuous interaction with those around them. Good communication is an integral part of their development and lays the foundation for the way in which they behave towards others. Furthermore, they are learning the fundamentals of good problem solving and critical thinking.

With Kodesh in the preschool, the development of our children is underpinned by rich Torah stories and the Jewish calendar cycle. We educate through experiential learning so that a child can achieve a fuller and deeper understanding of their world, using the methodology of action and play. For example, in order to truly understand the learnings from Pesach, and to bring the story to life in a fun environment, we conduct a mock Pesach seder with all the symbolic food, acting out of the story, and singing.

Moreover, Kodesh and General Studies are fully integrated because we believe that Hashem’s wonder and creation can be experienced and fully actualised in every aspect of life. For example, understanding the life cycle of a tree enables us to comprehend why we should show our gratitude to Hashem when we conduct our blessing over fruit.

We also unpack the important life skills and good character traits (middot) from the weekly parsha and chaggim and endeavor to encourage those good middot to drive a child’s behaviour, teaching them important interpersonal skills such as empathy, respect and tolerance. This is achieved through role-playing and relating what they have learned to real world situations on the playground or in the classroom setting, essentially bringing the learnings to life through action.

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