PHYLLIS JOWELL JEWISH DAY SCHOOL is named to memorialize a very special aishet chaiyel, generous of spirit and giving in all ways. Phyllis Jowell was truly a woman of valour who strongly supported Torah learning and Jewish continuity during her lifetime. Phyllis lived her life by the motto of Veahavta Leraiacha Komacha ‘love your fellow as yourself’ – in which the essence of her life was what she selflessly did for others. Her inspiration continues to ensure young children being educated in a Torah-inspired environment. Our logo is a picture of a Torah, open for all to see. This reflects our goal of educating our children to access and apply fundamental and timeless laws, lessons and values of our Torah to their lives in a dynamic and modern world. This vision is also beautifully encapsulated in our motto of “Torah Im Derech Eretz”. This statement is based on the teaching of Rabban Gamliel in Pirkei Avot who taught:

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